Re: [lists] RE: Gianmario's 64c mystery solved

From: Anthony Taylor (
Date: 2003-07-09 23:47:44

> If you know for sure that a chip is dead/defective and needs to be
> replaced, just cut the body off and then remove each pin separately. In
> case the pin hole won't open, don't "cook" it with the soldering iron over
> and over -- instead, get a gauge needle of appropriate size, heat the pin
> hole and put the needle through (from the component side). The solder
> won't stick to medical steel.
If you are having trouble getting the old solder to flow, try applying a
small amount of fresh solder. This usually does the trick.

Also, (not really relevant for the C64 but still a handy tip) if you are
removing a surface-mount chip that you know is faulty, you can carefully
slice through the legs with a sharp knife - making sure that you don't slice
through the tracks under the pins. Then you can remove the pins with your
iron, and mop up with solder wick.


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