RE: Gianmario's 64c mystery solved

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2003-07-08 20:06:24

> Not to be an _I_told_you_so_ but that is a problem that we at Raymond
> Commodore have had several times and we have had the broken traces
> too - using wire-wrap wire (very thin solid core) to replace the
> broken connections is our usual fix.  Those E rev boards are tricky
> to desolder on even for the very experienced tech.  I think that I
> have never had to replace that 68 pin PLA/Combined_Logic on one of
> the C64Cs.  (Thankfully)

If you know for sure that a chip is dead/defective and needs to be
replaced, just cut the body off and then remove each pin separately. In
case the pin hole won't open, don't "cook" it with the soldering iron over
and over -- instead, get a gauge needle of appropriate size, heat the pin
hole and put the needle through (from the component side). The solder
won't stick to medical steel.

And in case you want to save the chip for further use you still can cut
off the pins:  leave them a bit longer and solder the "torso" onto a
precision socket.


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