Re: Commodore data transfers (Re: PC to 1541 - best available sol ution?)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2003-07-07 18:27:25

Hi Nick,

> A major omission is from this page would have to my 64HDD.

I'm really sorry, I should have remembered it.

> My preference is it be included under the "hard disk" section 1.2, with a
> reference to it in the cable section 2.2.2, since it is a cross between the
> two, more compatible than a IDE64 and X1541/XE1541 serial cable based....

I decided to mention it in the same paragraph with VC1541 and 1541emu, as the
three projects are very similar.  Section 1.2 now mentions that you can also
make another computer a file server for Commodores.  This would also include
IEEE-488 based file servers; I don't know if any have been completed yet.


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