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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2003-06-05 20:12:12

> > Wow.. another C=900 owner?!  

Nope.  Virtual Z-machine, not physical.

> > >(I'm still trying to test my Zmachine port)...
> No, I think Ethan's referring to the Infocom Z-machine,
> not the 900 :-)

Indeed I am.  I have this port of the v1 C-64 ZIP (Zork Implementation
Program) from "Zork I" that I have working on the VIC-20 (had to 
whack the status line), and some versions of PETs (due to zero page
usage).  It works under VICE, but I don't want to release it until
I personally witness it work on the real hardware.  I'll probably
have to release it as a self-patching executable (i.e., you stick
a real copy of "Zork I" for the C-64 in a 1541 (or 4040) drive
and running the program will patch the disk to work with the PET
(don't worry about the minor 1541/4040 differences; the game disk
is write-protected for use; you save on a seperate floppy).

> Hasn't anyone else here thought it would be cool to host Secret
> Weapons of Commodore on a real, live 900, btw? :-)))))

That'd be cool.

I would love to have a CBM 900, but I haven't even seen a live
one, let alone had the chance to buy one.  I remember back in the
day that I was disappointed that it used a Z-8000 rather than
my favorite 68000.


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