From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2003-06-05 19:09:53

Wow.. another C=900 owner?!  

What are you using for a keyboard?  Are all the keys mapped?

- Bo

> I know I owe you a PET test, but my 2001N (U.S. version of the 3032,
> not the 2001-8) is still flakey when it comes to disk access (I'm
> still trying to test my Zmachine port), and to make matters worse,
> my laptop disappeared from a convention over the Memorial Day
> holiday.  :-(
> When I get a replacement, I should be able get things tested between
> an 8032 (I have several working ones) and Windows.  The BASIC 2.0
> tests will have to wait until I track down why my machine is unstable.
> I have replaced the PIAs and VIAs; next on the list are the sockets.
> -ethan

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