Strange IEEE-488 interface

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2003-04-12 00:00:57

Hi guys!

Today I finally received the two old C64 IEEE-488 interface modules that I 
ordered a few weeks ago. After opening them, I guess they look pretty 
interesting. Before I got the pack, I thought I should receive two standard 
C= IEEE interfaces with the well known circuitry (based on a 6525? or 
something similarly rare MOS chip). But no. The interfaces were manufactured 
by Novotrade Fotoelektronik Gt. (a well-known Hungarian C= hardware support 
company in the middle '80s). Inside, I see a 6821 PIA, a 2732 EPROM, a 
74ls04 and a 74ls139.

Anyone ever seen such thingy?... ...Maybe I'm just naive :-(

My personal opinion is BTW that they should be just slightly "economized" 
variants of the original C= IEEE-488 interface. ...Will have to dump out the 
EPROMs, but for that, I should desolder them :-/ (...or check the board and 
see if I can read them with the C64 itself).


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