RE: CP/M D64 Format
Date: 2003-03-27 05:04:06

>// Mikael

>The cbmconvert utility by me supports 1541, 1571 and 1581 disk images also
in the C128 CP/M format. It doesn't support the C64 
>CP/M format. You can find it at
>or /pub/cbm/crossplatform/converters/msdos/ (the precompiled Win32
version). Marko

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Hi Nick, 

Here are two links that might be useful to you.  CTools is a set of tools
that allows you to read/write CP/M formatted d64 (and maybe d71) files. It
also include CFormat that creates a blank CP/M formatted d64 file. You might
find some more info in the usual places on 

// Mikael

Hi All,

I was thinking about extending the capabilities of my programs to view CP/M
disks which are in the D64 format (1541 types). Unfortunately, I have no
information about the directory track and sector and allocation details for
1541 disks formatted under CP/M. Does anyone have this info?

- Nick
Observing how the 128 boots, seems to suggest lots of the info is in track
1, but beyond that who knows....

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