Re: 2532 pinout?

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2003-03-25 06:09:39

>From: Nicolas Welte <>
>The autostart can be defeated by an alternative KERNAL ROM, or with Markus 
>Brenner's dumping switch (his homepage was on Arnold, don't know if it's 
>back again). Sometimes I cover the EXROM line with a piece of tape plug the 
>cartridge into a C128. I can then read the contents from the built-in 

Can you tell me what address and bank to look at?  Despite puzzling over the 
charts in the P.R.G., I've never really gotten a handle on the various 
control lines (e.g. /EXROM) and how they affect the memory map.

Incidentally, the XL4 cartridge has a 4k EPROM, while XL8's is 8k.  Would 
the whole 8k be visible?


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