Re: PetSpeed Decompiler

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2003-03-25 06:03:56

>From: Peter Karlsson <>
>Aren't AustroSpeed and Blitz! the same? At least I remember that the
>Blitz! decompiler works also for AustroSpeed-compiled programs.

I have a decompiler (named "decompiler") that may be the one you're 
referring to.  According to the docs, when it's working it tells you whether 
it's a Blitz! or Austrospeed prg.  They also say that it may misidentify the 
compiler, because successive versions of Austrospeed came closer and closer 
to Blitz!, until programs compiled by Austrospeed finally became completely 
identical to Blitz! prgs.

Incidentally, "decompiler" itself was compiled with Petspeed.  When I ran it 
on itself, it said "unknown compiler" and quit :/ .

-- Brian

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