Re: The Internet-enabled Contiki Desktop OS

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-03-14 10:44:59

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> The reason why I asked if the 6551 driver in the cc65 runtime library would
> also support the plus/4 is that the 6551 driver in cbmlink apparently doesn't
> work with the swiftlink cartridge for the C64, although it does work on
> the plus/4.  Could anyone (besides MagerValp) test it?  The driver doesn't
> use interrupts, only polling.

I have a Turbo232, which is compatible with the SL. I didn't even know 
cbmlink supports the 6551, I might give it a try sometime. If this gives me a 
speed boost over the PC64 cable I might be very much interested in getting 
this working, but I doubt it. C2N232 is slower than PC64 (20 minutes instead 
of 15 for a .d82 image), and it already runs at 38kbps. From my experiences 
with the Turbo232 and Novaterm that is the most that Novaterm gets out of the 
6551 without crashing at 1MHz. And even with REU transfers the net transfer 
rate is so slow that 9600 transfers would be equally fast, IIRC. Unless you 
did miracles to the driver, I have no hope for faster transfers, but I'll try.

Now I wonder what is the fastest speed the 6551 can run in the Plus/4 and 
CBM-II? With the divider off it should go to 57kbps, is that true? And since 
the CBM-II runs at 2MHz it should give some speed boost over the C64, and it 
has an IEEE-488 port built right in. Maybe I found a new transfer machine :-) 
Now I only need my PLAs back to fire up the 610 again.


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