Re: The Internet-enabled Contiki Desktop OS

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2003-03-13 20:03:08

Groepaz wrote:
> On Thursday 13 March 2003 14:26, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
>>Excellent.  Will it then also support the built-in 6551 of the plus/4
>>and the SuperPET?
> btw you know of any "official" rs232 hardware that would work with the 8032sk 
> marko? :)

Hehe, I'm not Marko, but the answer is almost obvious: If you put the 
SuperPET board into the 8032-SK, it will have an official RS232 hardware :-) 
The SuperPET expansion plugs into the 6502 socket and the 6502 is then 
plugged into the expansion board. Somehow this sounds familiar, doesn't it? I 
even expect this to work daisy chained with my expansion board, but it's 
untested, I neither own an 8032 nor a SuperPET board.


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