Re: Detect a C128 from C64 mode

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2003-02-14 00:49:25

>From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
>Subject: Detect a C128 from C64 mode
>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 23:52:29 +0100
>I'm currently wondering if there is a really easy and reliable way for a 
>program to detect if it is running on a C128 in C64 mode...

How about seeing if a POKE to what would be a mirrored I/O location on a 64 
(and decoded on a 128) shows up in the "regular" location?


mode=128:poke[I/O location],x:poke[mirrored location],y:if peek[I/O 
location]=y then mode=64

Unfortunately, I don't have my P.R.G. here, so I don't know which address 
might be suitable.

-- Brian

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