Re: amplified speakers
Date: 2003-02-07 13:38:43

Citeren Groepaz <>:

> On Thursday 06 February 2003 07:28, Baltissen, R (Ruud) wrote:
> > Hallo Groepaz,
> >
> > > however, the idea with the capacitors is even better :)
> >
> > Why, if I may ask? The capacitors don't improve anything and just add a
> > frequency-dependant resistor to the circuit.

> well... the capacitor serves as a decoupling device....

True. It removes the DC component.
> as for the c64, i would personally always use them, since they keep away any
> static voltage from the valueable device :)

No they don't. Static discharges are almost 'delta pulses' and hence have a 
very high frequency content. For very high frequencies, a capacitor is actually 
a short, not an open!

> btw "frequency dependant" .... no, you would choose a capacitor whose
> capacity 
> is small enough to not interfere in this respect.

Uhmm.. you mean large enough.. The larger the capacitor, the lower the cut-off 
frequency. You are making a high-pass filter with the C and the impedance of 
the amplifier.


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