Re: 6540 ROMs replacement ?

From: Nicolas Welte; address is valid for replies (Re:) only! (
Date: 2003-02-05 00:38:34

Jürgen Sievers wrote:
> The sockets installed are very sheap and so the new sockets could not fit
> into the old sockets.
> The renewed only touches the side of the top parts from the old sockets. But
> without much pressure and so some pins don't getting into contact. I can't
> press the new sockets into the old sockets deep enough.

Then you should replace the old sockets. Precision sockets give the best
contact and will last for decades, but some people (including me) have the
opinion that they look ugly in an old PET. Low cost sockets with a double
contact spring are what looks most like the old sockets, and they also give
very good contact.

BTW, I have no problems if I put my adaptors with gold contacts into the old
sockets. It seems the contact problem is also caused by corrosion on the old
chips and on the socket contacts.


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