Hej allihopa! Was: CP/M programming for the C128?

From: Jurgen Sievers (juergen.sievers_at_NADINE-Software.com)
Date: 2003-01-30 08:32:32

Hej allihopa (Hallo miteinander)!

thanks for the nice explanation. I'm sure now, it means a phrase like "Hallo
miteinander". I know I'm out of toppic but I have another question about
your language. Where the word Dutch comes from. Many people mixing up de
words "Dutch" and "Deutsch". What is the history of this both Words. Is it
"Niederlande" in "Niederladisch" ?

I hope these question are welcome. I know there are many "Niederlander" on
this list.


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> > No, literal translation would be "Hallo Alle" or "Hallo jeder",
> but it is
> > not used by anyone. The closest phrase would be "Hallo
> zusammen", I guess,
> > which translates literally to "hello together".
> "Hallo miteinander" is also commonly used, it does also translate
> to "hello
> together".
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