Ang: RE: Double-cross compiler? (was: CP/M programming for the C128?)

From: Mikael Holm (
Date: 2003-01-29 11:01:18

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    Hej Ruud,
    I have to agree with you... A dual-assembler would probably be the wrong 
    tool... But the C128 CP/M BDOS has the standard USER service call that 
    calls the C128 CP/M BIOS (as do most other service calls) and I have read 
    about a subfunction of this USER service call that lets you enter 
    8502-mode, call 8502 code and return to CP/M afterwards. My problem is 
    that the doc's I have doesn't say how to call this USER function and how I 
    would go about telling it where I have some 8502 code it can execute... I 
    think that my CP/M program must transfer the 8502 code (from within itself 
    or from file?) to a safe location (wherever there is free C128 memory 
    under the Z80 ROM) and execute it from there? 
    About writing a driver... Do you have any doc, hints, links or samples of 
    how to do this?
    Hallo Mikael, Anders, 
    > But doing it this way is just good in native 128 mode or "native" 
    > z80 mode, not under CP/M. 
    > would it be possible to link those two 
    > together into one C compiler which could optimize and do neccessary 
    > processor switching automatically? 
    The idea of CP/M is that it can be used on every CP/M-computer. This is 
    done by calling BIOS-routines when machine dependant actions are needed 
    like loading from disk. So when only writing programs to run under CP/M, 
    using a dual-assembler is not prefered. 
    Writing a driver is another question of course. 
    > Another other 6502 + Z80 setup? 
    SuperPET: 6502 and 6809 
    Apple ][: idem 
    Lately there was a Apple ][-clone with e 6502, Z80 and 6809 ONBOARD (!!!) 
    for sale on Ebay. 
    I myself own a Z80-card for a PET/CBM. No idea who made it, no software 
    etc... :( 
       / __|__ 
      / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud 
      \ \__|_\ 
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