Re: Looking for one Am29F032B in SO44 case
Date: 2003-01-22 11:48:16

Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> Yes, I know that chip.  Our first prototype uses that chip, but we had
> several problems with it, starting from the fact that the cartridge port
> connector was drawn as a mirror image.  (You know, the VIC-20 cartridge
> port pins are numbered from the opposite end than the C64 cart port.)

What is the problem then? Just mount it on the bottom side if all traces seem 
to be crossed. :-)

> I think that SO44 is much easier to solder than TSOP-40.

Well, it depends. TSOP-40's solder a lot faster than SO44, because the pins are 
closer to each other, so you don't have to solder them one by one.

> Also, I'd prefer to use a 5-volt-only design.  This design only needs
> three ICs and some capacitors and resistors.

You have a good point there. My design is mostly 3.3V.

> Good luck for your project!  Does the cartridge work on the C128 as well?

I guess it would; why not? The fun part is, that you can just put the board in 
a PCI slot in the PC and reprogram the flash. Someone who might be interested 
in emulating the REU can also do this with this board, by using the SDRAM.

> Are you going to publish the design?

Maybe after I got some of my costs back from having this PCB manufactured. :) 
(I will have 10 boards made at the first proto run.) But you can have a look 
at for the picture of the layout so you have an idea what 
it looks like.


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