Re: Looking for one Am29F032B in SO44 case

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2003-01-22 10:18:18


> I don't have a source for the Am29F032B in SO44, but the board layout
> for the 32-bit processor that I made also has an Am29LV017D (2 MB) in
> TSOP-40 package.

Yes, I know that chip.  Our first prototype uses that chip, but we had
several problems with it, starting from the fact that the cartridge port
connector was drawn as a mirror image.  (You know, the VIC-20 cartridge
port pins are numbered from the opposite end than the C64 cart port.)

I think that SO44 is much easier to solder than TSOP-40.  Also, I'd prefer
to use a 5-volt-only design.  This design only needs three ICs and some
capacitors and resistors.  A 3-volt Flash would need a 5-volt tolerant
logic chip with some 64 I/O pins.  The VIC-20 cartridge only needs one with
32 I/O pins, in an easy-to-solder PLCC package.

Good luck for your project!  Does the cartridge work on the C128 as well?
Are you going to publish the design?


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