cmd-hd in new case

From: Brenda (
Date: 2003-01-11 19:19:55

Ok I am trying to take the switch assembly apart on the the CMD-HD.

I got the nuts off. Is there anything else I need to disconnect, or should
it all just pull free now? When I tried to pull it off, I heard a snapping
noise so I figured I better stop and ask. It seemed everything went 
through a hole in the case, so I would just be ok to pull it backwards. 
Hope I didn't break something :-(

What do I do about the connections in the rear? Do people just cut a hole 
in the back of the tower for them or do they need to be unsoldered and 

Can the LED panel's ribbon cable reach the front of the case if the back 
of the CMD unit is against the back of the case?


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