Re: C16 + Cartridges

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2003-01-10 05:09:18

>  > The C=16 should auto boot the carts just as Vic20, C=64, +/4 and
>>  C=128 do.   Use a calulator grade of paper and isopropyl alcohol to
>>  clean the cart edge connector and the C=16 cart port connectors.
>There are some VIC 20 cartridges that start after a SYS command, for example
>"Voodoo Castle" and some of them haven't it written on the label: he should
>also try to search some information about his cart on the Internet I think.

Come to think of it I have seen some mostly home-made 64 utility 
carts that use a SYS call to a start address instead of the C0 (or 
A0) auto-boot header.  But I have never seen a cart for the 
c16/plus/4 that used a SYS call to start.
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