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From: Juergen Sievers (
Date: 2002-11-15 16:46:47

Hi Carlsson.

That was not a good reference. Koi as PET's do not do any fun.
I bought one with my fishmonger. Arrived at home I took the fish in my hands
to pass a smile to him.
He immediately began too to sing an operetta for me. He looked anyway as
like as Caruso if he sings a operetta.
To hearing was nothing, however the Koi had presumably a mistake on his
multi media facility.
After a few minutes he had one total loss. May be the power unit was gone
The veterinarian could not repair my Koi also anymore then and so I ate him
( the fish) up.

To prevent some out of topics flames:

On are some nice stuff about CMB Systems
and much more too.


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> On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Juergen Sievers wrote:
> > Oh ..., yes Larry, I like "koi" much too.
> Is that the same kind of fish as some people have as PETs and can be worth
> up to $5000 each depending on their (the fish's) heritage?
> (the only two other computer-related fish subjects I can come up with
>  right now would be the Fred Fish PD and that some people once claimed the
>  ZX keyboard - not sure if it was the touch-key or rubber-key - felt like
>  dead fish to type on)
> --
> Anders Carlsson
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