Re: AW: New member Introduction

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-11-15 03:56:54

Juergen Sievers wrote:
> Hi Larry!
> Oh ..., yes Larry, I like "koi" much too. They are wonderful delicacy.

> I prefer them grilled on a spear over an open fire hole with a wide view over
> the mountains. I saw some wonderful mountains and koi on your pictures and
> it seems I should spend my next holidays in USA. :)))

I don't think my friend, Paul, would like people drooling over his pet
fish...  (those are the expensive ones).  And there are mountains, the
county I live in varies between 250 feet above sea level to 7,000 feet
(I live in the less snowy 1,000 foot elevation) as for fishing there are
4 reservoirs in the area and I hear fishing is good here (I don't fish).
 If any of you outside California ever do plan to visit California,
don't hesitate to contact me, I can at least help you find nerd stops
and shops...  (if you go to the central valley, I can meet you and do something).

> Many thanks vor the pet-link to you Suite.

I just fixed Andre's link and added two more PET sites, (including Ken
Ross' which also has a program download area.)  PageMill is such a nice program.

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