Ang: Re: Ang: Ang: Re: Commodore 1901 Monitor?

From: Mikael Holm (
Date: 2002-10-29 08:26:54


The cable I use now connects all pins from the C128 to all pins on the 1901
and it works fine...
What do you mean would happen when Composite Mono video will confuse the
1901? It seems to work fine for me.

// Mikael

>The D-9 connector? What cable do I need to use that from my C128? Just a
>cable with a D-9 in both ends that connects pin 1 on the C128 to Pin 1 on
>the monitor, etc?

The DB9 _MUST_ have pin 7 disconnected (usually at the C=128 end)!
Else the Composite MONO video will confuse the 1901 decoder chip.
But all other wires are straight through.

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