fw: Information about Professional DOS/Rapid DOS Pro/DiskDemon

From: CreaMD / DMAgic (creamd_at_c64.sk)
Date: 2002-10-27 22:49:32

This is what Tim posted at c64.sk. I've told him that he should try forums
or this mailing list. He answered that he tried everything but didn't get
any answer. Could you please help him? Thanx in advance.




I am searching for any kind of information and/or material (including the
original hardware) about the floppy speeder "Professional DOS" from
Mikrotronic (also known as "Professional 1541 DOS", DiskDemon sold by Datel
in the UK or RapidDOS Pro from Chip Level Designs located in North America;
later it was sold as "mikrotronic system professional" in the US by
Mikrotronic Michigan, Inc.).

Professional DOS was (or is) the fastest floppy speeder for the Commodore
64/128 (D) and it's disk-drives 1541, 1541C, 1570 and 1571 (e.g. 202 Blocks
are read in about 3 seconds). Unfortunatly it was not very well known, but I
think it's one of the best speeder ever.

For more informations about Professional DOS see d81.de/ProfessionalDOS
(thanks to Wolfgang Moser). In the near future, I will publish some
information about this system on my own website (in German only, sorry - are
there any volunteers who can help me with a translation?).

If you are able to help me, please send your e-mail to: tischuer@yahoo.de
(please give me a short note before sending huge archives or any other stuff
to my e-mail account).

Many thanks and best regards,

Tim Schuermann

www.tim-schuermann.de (at this time only in German - sorry)
Tim Schuermann

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