SMT mounting question

From: David Wood (
Date: 2002-10-16 03:02:56

Man, its quiet in here :)

Hey, I got a new toy (see links below) in the mail, and am wonderng if
anyone has any clues about mounting such devices at home.  It's a tiny
little BGA IC that contains everything I need to have loads of fun with..
2megs flash rom, 8k ram, 2 serial ports, and 32 I/O lines all in one neat

I'll have the pcb made of course, cause I really doubt I'd manage to route
120 lines out of a 1x2cm area with an ink pen ;).

Thanks for any advice.  If this is offtopic, reply privately, thanks. (for low-rez'ers) (for commodore users that want to read the code
					on the IC)


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