RE: Bugs in Commodore calculators

From: Brian Ketterling (
Date: 2002-10-11 00:23:14

>From: "Bo Zimmerman" <>
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>Subject: RE: Bugs in Commodore calculators
>Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 21:50:39 -0500
>...Luckily we still have
>Tinkertronics here in Austin -- the only place I can still get
>perfect-fitting C= User/IEEE port female edge connectors from standard

Don't know if anyone is interested, but Mouser Electronics sells the wierd 
square DIN connectors used for power on 128s (and some Amigas?) -- both 
plugs and PC-mount sockets.  If you browse their catalog, you might be able 
to find a few other odds & ends.  I believe they sell momentary switches and 
little switch caps that will work for the 128's reset switch.

Also, I haven't gotten a catalog from them lately, but for *years* 
All-Electronics sold new-in-the-box VIC-20 RF modulators (NTSC, presumably 
-- they're in California) for about $2.  They're described as modulators for 
"the Commodore computer".

-- Brian


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