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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-10-08 19:01:45

Hello Professor,

PD> Your remark about the documentation lacking clarity is accurate. Novice
PD> users have some difficulty learning how to put it to use.

ehrm?! the docs for "users" (ie not coders) is much more detailed and
has less errors than the original "AR6" documentation ever had. whats
hard with plugging the cartridge in the port and using it? (as for
"novice" users, most that contact us didnt even read the documentation
- so thats what i usually advice doing first ;=P)

PD> Advanced
PD> users wish for more information to take better advantage of the
PD> cartridge.

like? remember, you will never get that information if you dont ask
for it ;) "i want more info" doesnt help with making docs better at
all (infact such kinda posts are just ignored). however, for an
advanced user that wants to program the hardware by himself (what else
would be "take better advantage of the cartridge"?) there is all
required info in the hw-doc by jens schoenfeld. if thats not enough
for you - well, think about the "advance" part once more ;=) (teaching
you hardware-programming in general is beyond our scope, we just give
out the info required for someone who is already able to do it)
however, you may ofcoz always ask on the list.

PD> As to whether it's worth the money, I think it is. To get

definetly :) most valuable part of cbm-equipment i bought during the
last 10 years ;=)

PD> your questions answered about RR you ought to subscribe to the RR mail
PD> list:


PD> The Retro-Replay main page is found here:


PD> Retro-Replay documentations may be found here:


mind you this is ONLY hardware-docs, totally unrelated to the rr-ROM
(ie firmware) which explained on the rr main page

additionally there is some silversurfer programming info on

Best regards,

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