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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-10-08 18:51:01

Hello ncoplin,

Monday, October 07, 2002, 9:30:06 AM, you wrote:

noc> I hope this is the appropriate forum to ask the question (its the only
noc> Commodore mail list I subscribe to).

ask those questions on the rr-list then,thats what its for :)

noc> I'm considering a Retro-Replay (possibly with Silver Surfer) as a
noc> re-programmable hardware platform that may allow for some interesting
noc> projects - esp with the possibility of fast PC connectivity (as for example
noc> with what was done with the SerialServer, but different).

the silversurfer will be definetly worth it when we are finished
implementing the link-stuff... giving you a drive 7 which works much
like the 64net approach.

noc> The question, is the cartridge worth the money? Does the unit come
noc> documented in such a way as to be useful to a programmer /hacker
noc> (unfortunately the various websites have lots of info but the information
noc> lacks clarity)? Does it work with a C128 (not as a AR clone, but will
noc> ROM/RAM be available)? Does the freezer work better than the AR freezer as
noc> claimed?

the cartridge doesnt come with any documentation, except a notice
about the websites. (as the website says, internet access is required
to get any further updates and/or support).

as for the clearity of the documentation, please let me know WHAT is
unclear to you. (best, post that on the rr-list). we tried to create a
pretty much "dummy proof" documentation actually, and IMHO its pretty
useable (except for some details which you wouldnt need to know anyway
unless you are an "expert").

Best regards,

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