RE: Layout floating point numbers
Date: 2002-10-04 16:02:10

Hallo Ulrich,

> Have you had a look at Pascal-S, a pascal subset written by 
> Wirth himself?

Yes, in fact this is one of the two sources I'm using as base for my
compiler. Pascal-S has some disadvantages:
- it doesn't support byte, word, longint and some other things I'm used to
in Turbo Pascal.
- the program stores all found identifiers in pre-defined tables. So one
simply runs the risk of running out of memory when compiling a program. That
is why I used the method Pascal P4 from Urs Ammann
(; using pointers.
- Pascal-S doesn't allow deep constructions, the pointer-method does.

PP4 has some bad habbits as well:
- It reserves memory to store identifiers (new) but doesn't free it
(dispose) when not needed anymore.
- Sometimes I simply don't understand what the program is doing :(

> It generates some sort of pcode,

This Pcode is nothing more then ML-alike instructions. Most probably derived
from the ML-instructions of the computer where Pascal-S was meant for
originally. I intend to generate 6502 ML-source. In that way my assembler
can take care of generating the executable. And enables a ML-specialist to
do some hacking :)

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