RE: Layout floating point numbers
Date: 2002-10-04 16:02:12

Hallo Per,


Thank you very much.

Here is a part of the description of the floating point:

98-101        $62-$65        FACHO
Floating Point Accumulator #1: Mantissa

The most significant digit can be assumed to be a 1 (remember that the
range of the mantissa is from 1 to 1.99999...) when a floating point
number is stored to a variable.  The first bit is used for the sign of
the number, and the other 31 bits of the four-byte mantissa hold the
other significant digits.

102           $66            FACSGN
Floating Point Accumulator #1: Sign

A value of 0 here indicates a positive number, while a value of 255
($FF) indicates a negative number.

- It says the first bit is used for the sign. So what is the function of $66
- If I understand well the other 31 bits hold the data representing the
number right of the decimal point. But in what format? 

The document gives some good info how perform some integer/real conversions
thus it should be possible to retrieve this info in one or another way.

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