Re: Ang: Re: Cassetteport on a C64?

From: Scott McDonnell (
Date: 2002-10-03 22:34:20

Thanks for that great info!! I found a dealer of several similar products,
including the Cir-Kits and an "Edge Connector frame" thought you all would
find this interesting.


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> > Miika, and all...
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> > I've considered that, but I do not know how tough the conductive
> > ink/paint is... Will it wear off if I plug in and out the datasette
> > a couple of times?
> Paint?  Probably will.  What is standard in the industry are rub-on
> copper-foil traces.  You clean part of the trace a couple of mm back
> from the damaged area, select the right shape "sticker" from the
> repair kit, place it where the missing edge connector pad is, rub
> the front of the repair kit to bond the replacement pad to the
> fiberglass, then (I think) add a touch of solder where the old trace
> and the new trace overlap.
> It's easy to draw; it's hard to describe verbally.  Imagine the same
> sort of dry-transfer pad that are used for building a PCB manually
> on blank copper-clad board, but instead of etch resist, the shapes
> are made of copper and meant to be soldered to, once applied.
> I have never used them, but I know they are still available, even
> for SMT pads (which lift off very easily from too much heat during
> rework).
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