Re: Ang: Re: Cassetteport on a C64?

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2002-10-03 21:49:20

> Miika, and all...
> I've considered that, but I do not know how tough the conductive
> ink/paint is... Will it wear off if I plug in and out the datasette
> a couple of times?

Paint?  Probably will.  What is standard in the industry are rub-on
copper-foil traces.  You clean part of the trace a couple of mm back
from the damaged area, select the right shape "sticker" from the
repair kit, place it where the missing edge connector pad is, rub
the front of the repair kit to bond the replacement pad to the
fiberglass, then (I think) add a touch of solder where the old trace
and the new trace overlap.

It's easy to draw; it's hard to describe verbally.  Imagine the same
sort of dry-transfer pad that are used for building a PCB manually
on blank copper-clad board, but instead of etch resist, the shapes
are made of copper and meant to be soldered to, once applied.

I have never used them, but I know they are still available, even
for SMT pads (which lift off very easily from too much heat during


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