RE: batteries (was Commodore 202 and 207)
Date: 2002-10-01 21:44:02

>> (Is there a reason why the (+) side of all four batteries 
>> leaked, or is it
>> just that the batteries might have been built like a bottle 
>> whose cap the
>> (+) terminal is, and the easiest escape for the interior is 
>> the cap? 
Yes, I believe so.  The case is like a U, and the seal is at the top.
Changes in pressure, corrosion, can cause it to leak.  Battery companies claim this no longer happens.  You can find out all kinds of cool stuff from  They have datasheets showing how long batteries last, discharge rates, and so on.  I'm building my projects to tolerate a discharge to .8v per cell now to get over 80% of the power from the batteries.  Also, the resistance is about .5ohm, so they can put out a lot of current.
And if your wondering, the best power seems to be from zinc air batteries but they only last 2 weeks after pulling off the tab that exposed them to air.  Might be good for powering telemetry from helium balloons or something like that, when you can only lift a few grams.

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