RE: batteries (was Commodore 202 and 207)

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2002-10-01 10:56:59

> (Is there a reason why the (+) side of all four batteries 
> leaked, or is it
> just that the batteries might have been built like a bottle 
> whose cap the
> (+) terminal is, and the easiest escape for the interior is 
> the cap? 

Yes.  The guts of the battery is a bit like this:

| o |
| o |
| o |
| o |
|   |

where the side walls and bottom are a zinc cannister than forms
the -ve electrode, and the 'o's are a carbon(?) rod that
forms the +ve electrode.  It contacts a metal cap that is placed
over the top of the 'bottle', with an insulating ring
that seperates it from the zinc.  There's a gloppy white paste
between the electrodes; can't remember what it's made of.

I dissassembled a few batteries long long ago ;)

obCommodore:  Haven't had a chance to test the c2n232 you sent
me yet; just got my new serial->USB adaptor, but also recieved
OS X 10.2 and also the game Black and White in the same delivery
and have been playing with those ;-) Should hopefully look at
the device this week.

Christopher Jam

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