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From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2002-08-09 09:28:23

>  > Easier (for the 64) is to get a Quick Brown Box memory cart and use
>>  that to store your program on so that the QBB auto boots at power on.
>>  I  use that at the store for my cashdrawer point of saile terminal
>>  program.
>cashdrawer point of sale program?  Do you use a 64 as a cash register?
>More details please! :)

I wrote the Point of Sale software 1993 for the stock 64 (or SX but 
it runs on C128 and plus/4 just fine too - except screen blank must 
be changed/removed) with one disk drive, an SX64 monitor and a 
Citizen 2 color (3 3/4 inch paper rolls).  I have it stored to the 32 
K Quick brown Box so it auto boots like a PROM cartridge.  I have had 
2 shareware clients for this; one is still using a C64 for her Avon 
business and loves it especially the printed receipt. Her fellow Avon 
vendors marvel at her pro-looking printout - until they hear the name 
Commodore that is.

The program stores files in Paperback/Pocket Filer format  - this is 
so I can use PF to calculate the sales taxes from the files.  I had 
planned to add the open drawer feature but I have had a problem 
finding a p/S for powering the drawer and I wanted to add a small LED 
or LCD display to show the total to the customers.

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