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From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2002-08-08 18:23:04

>I have wrote a program voor the commodore 64, and I use it to 
>control a metal bending machine, so far so good.
>Now I want to make the commodore to boot automaticaly and run the program.
>How do I do this ? Do I have to save the program to e-prom and how 
>do I connect it, so the c64 can boot with this program ?
>Are there other ways to boot, without first loading my program ?

I  have the only auto booting Plus/4 ever made by Commodore.   (Well 
Fred Bowen and I cooked up a way to replace the rom with the built-in 
programs with a simple routine on EPROM  that shoved the load "*", 8 
into the  keyboard queue follewed by
the rU  and then print these to the screen followed by a Home 
chr$(47)? and 3 or 4 chr$(13) returns.

Easier (for the 64) is to get a Quick Brown Box memory cart and use 
that to store your program on so that the QBB auto boots at power on. 
I  use that at the store for my cashdrawer point of saile terminal 

-- Ray

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