Re: VIC-20 Mikro Assembler

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2002-06-12 12:00:30

Niklas Ramsberg <> wrote:

> I couldn't find any info regarding it on the web

Oh, Mikro Assembler (Audiogenic VP078 as you can see). I was aware of 
this cartridge since before, but possibly nobody had dumped it. It may
have been distributed in the US by UMI, as it seems quite a deal of UMI 
carts showed up in the UK/Europe under Audiogenic's Vic Pack label, but
using different serial numbers. However, I'm sure Ward have 
figured that out by now.

It seems the Mikro Assembler has some graphics utilities besides a
traditional assembler? Another Vic Pack utility, Buti Plus, came with
other Basic extentions and a monitor. I think both these carts were 
made by Supersoft, and possibly used the same TIM monitor in that case.

Ask your collegue if he doesn't have any hidden Handic/Datatronic carts
as well. They may really be collectable. :-) I found these in old Handic 
ads, and some might be on Ward's vaporware list:

Turtle Bridge  [Vic-7101 ?] : Odd serial number. No more information.
Space Snake    [Vic-7301 ?] : Dumped, but not verified serial#.
Bridge         [Vic-7302 ?] : Might be the same thing as Vic-1903.
A World at War [Vic-7303]   : Dumped and verified serial# by me.

Now, if Handic/Datatronic got permission by Commodore to use the
Vic-numbering system starting at 7300, from where would 7100 originate?

/Anders Carlsson

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