Re: C128 diagnostic test cartridge

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-06-11 16:40:34 wrote:
> > I wonder if the C64 test cartridge dongles work in a similar way?
> I _have_ a couple of those.  They are much simpler.  The cartridge
> part is not much larger than a standard ROM cart, but it has a
> connector out the top (2x20?) and a wiring harness that plugs into
> various external ports.  I'll have to see about getting a decent
> picture (my digital camera is old and feeble - a QuickTake 150; it
> takes awful indoor detail photos).

Pictures are much appreciated, but of course I'm also interested in the ROM
image and the connection diagram of the plugs. I do have a ROM image of such
a cartridge, but without those plugs all the port tests fail. I think someone
said the program even stops at the first test that fails (just like my C128
cartridge), but the copy I have does not do this. Maybe someone (Nick?)
patched it to run without the plugs?

BTW, VICE 1.9 runs the ROM quite fine, but it also stops at the ROM test,
just like my 2nd PAL machine (maybe I should try an older ROM set). Use the
menu, or this command line to start it:
x128 -extfunc -extfrom 325099-01.BIN 


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