Re: C128 diagnostic test cartridge
Date: 2002-06-11 01:07:14

> Did anyone ever see a device like this?

Not exactly like that one...
> I wonder if the C64 test cartridge dongles work in a similar way? 

I _have_ a couple of those.  They are much simpler.  The cartridge
part is not much larger than a standard ROM cart, but it has a
connector out the top (2x20?) and a wiring harness that plugs into
various external ports.  I'll have to see about getting a decent
picture (my digital camera is old and feeble - a QuickTake 150; it
takes awful indoor detail photos).

>From memory (it's at home and I'm not) there are connectors on the
harness for the joystick ports, the cassette port and the IEC port.
I do not recall if there is a connector for the user port or not,
but I would expect one (at least to test the signals used for the
bit-banger serial port).

As I said, I'll see about getting mine in proximity with a decent
camera, but that doesn't answer any of your questions... I have
wads of hardware from a defunct Commodore dealer going back to
the PET days, but he didn't have one of those.  No idea about
the PAL/NTSC issue... C128s are not my area of expertise.


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