Re: Your 1541C might be a regular 1541 (gasp!)

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2002-06-02 19:48:46

(A non-gender specific greeting in Ojibwe. Pontiac {Obwondiag} was 
probably the most widely know Ojibwe speaker.)
>Hej allihop!
>(If Ruud can greet us all in Dutch, I can use Swedish, right? :))
>I have seen no reference to this drive anywhere on the net, probably
>because everyone has assumed that all 1541C drives have the new PCB.
>Bo, is this something for the Canonical List?
>Are these drives common? I suspect they are. If any of you have any
>1541C drives, would you please look inside them and report your
>findings back here?
I have had all sorts of 1541 drives to repair over the years and I 
say that I have seen many of the cream cases with the Mid-long boards 
in them.  I think that Commodore had production problems and shipped 
with the long boards because they lots of those and fewer of the 
short boards than demand from buyers.  (All the Long-long boards I 
would classify as 1540/41 drives in the White cases.)

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