Your 1541C might be a regular 1541 (gasp!)

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2002-06-02 16:53:39

Hej allihop!
(If Ruud can greet us all in Dutch, I can use Swedish, right? :))

I have a couple of disk drives that superficially seem to be regular 
1541C drives with Newtronic/Mitsumi (turn-down lever) mechanisms. 
They look exactly like the drive on the 1541C manual cover
(, down to the 
color and appearance of the front sticker. One of them came unboxed, 
but the other one came in its original box, with "SINGLE FLOPPY DISK 
DRIVE MODEL 1541 C" printed on the sides. With it came the 1541C 
manual (the one I scanned for the picture) and the regular Swedish 
1541 manual.

Naturally, I assumed that the drives were 1541Cs. That is, until I 
opened them a couple of weeks ago. As it turned out, they both have 
the standard 1541 (PCB Assy # 250 442) board, not the "short" 1541C 
board (PCB Assy # 250 448). The copyright year on the boards is 1984. 
They also have the standard DOS 2.6 ROM (901229-03, the same as in my 
brown 1541), as opposed to the 1541C's 
modified DOS 2.6 ROM (251968-01 or -02).
The drive I have in front of me right now has "Serial NO.AA4161800" 
printed on the sticker on the back.

I have seen no reference to this drive anywhere on the net, probably 
because everyone has assumed that all 1541C drives have the new PCB. 
Bo, is this something for the Canonical List?

I bought both of them last year in Göteborg, Sweden, from different 

Are these drives common? I suspect they are. If any of you have any 
1541C drives, would you please look inside them and report your 
findings back here?

/Niklas Ramsberg

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