Re: PET 3032 and Basic Editor Expander 3.1

From: Asbjørn Djupdal (
Date: 2002-05-21 10:38:16

Peter Karlsson <> writes:

> I also dumped the rest of the ROMs. I will compare these to the ones
> available on FUNET to see if they are any different. I did not dump the
> character ROM (since I didn't have anything to read it in, and I didn't
> want to risk running the PET "blind" without a chargen ROM).

You could put the chargen ROM into a c64. The 6510 in the C64 has
access to the chargen ROM and you can thus use the c64 to dump the ROM
with. Just remember that the pet chargen ROM is half the size of the
c64 chargen ROM, so when running the pet ROM in the c64 half of the
characters will be missing. But it is fully usable and you can easily
dump the ROM. 


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