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From: Anthony Wood (
Date: 2002-05-06 19:35:50

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    Hi James,
    I'm not sure I understand your question...
    The current version of my BASIC interpreter is Microsoft BASIC, TRS-80
    "Level II" compatible.  It supports generic Microsoft BASIC, plus the TRS-80
    commands (including graphic commands like set, reset, point, peek, poke,
    print@, etc.).  It loads ASCII or tokenized files.
    You could use it to run simple C64 BASIC programs, but it would have the
    following issues:
    1. I don't know, but doubt, that C64 tokens are the same as TRS-80.  So you
    would have to have an ASCII version of the file
    2. No support currently for C64 peeks, pokes, character sets, and other
    graphic commands.
    At some point, I will add C64 support, but probably not for a while.
    Of course you can always use a C64 emulator to run C64 basic programs, they
    just won't be native win32 apps.
    I hope that answers your questions...
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    > OK
    > Now I am interested in what you have to run these games.  Sorta wonder
    > how you get an IBM to read the CBM stuff and run it.
    >        Regards
    >                 James Hanson
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