RE: Using a 27C512 instead of a 82S100 PLA

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (
Date: 2002-05-02 15:50:37

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    |> The fact is that I haven't access to FPLA programming equipment :-/
    |Since a standard PAL/GAL like 22V10 or similar won't be enough in terms of
    |I/O you need to move towards CPLDs anyway - and these guys usually come
    |with in-circuit programmability these days which means that all you need
    |is a programming cable from your PC's parport to the 4 JTAG pins of the
    |The programming software usually is free, some vendors even supply raw
    |material for people needing to embed these routines into own computer
    True. I think you can even use the Altera WebPack and use an EPM7032S. This
    device only costs a few $, in the slowest speed grade. For programming you
    can directly connect the parallel port pins to the jtag pins of the pld; you
    don't necessarily need a ByteBlaster for that. (Note: the 3032 would even be
    cheaper, but it's a 3.3V only device.)
    I found the PLA contents somewhere written out in logic formulas, but I
    guess I don't even have to mention this on this hackers group..
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