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Date: 2002-04-18 07:37:22

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    No real controversy here. Simple fact is that for most
    applications and common usage, the 1MHz speed of the 8-bits
    is quite sufficient.
    I do agree that the SuperCPU (for example) is a great boon
    to developers, especially for large projects, because it
    significantly decreases development time. Many developers
    have used cross-compilers (like cc65) to meet their need
    for faster compiling/assembling and because they need more
    sophisticated tools than are available for 8-bits. A faster
    processor in the target system enables it to be a realistic
    platform to host these tools and facilitate development of
    larger projects.
    In the same vein, many more applications for high-speed
    processing exist. I believe Commodore developers have only
    scratched the surface of these possiblities and hope to see
    --- Steve Judd <> wrote:
    > Marko Mäkelä wrote:
    > > Who really needs more processing speed for
    > > their 8-bit machines?
    > Ahem, those of us who use the real thing for actually
    > doing/accomplishing 
    > stuff -- assembling (and testing), GEOS, JOS, utilities,
    > telecommunications, and so on.  The computer is much more
    > than a toy.
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