Re: SSv5 + REU + T232?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-04-17 16:14:52

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    Professor Dredd wrote:
    > 4,5,6 = Address Control:
    > - 4,6 selects $DE00 (default)
    > - 5,6 selects $DF00
    > > > Use a C128, and put the T232 to $d700, I think this is
    > > even described in the
    > I have no idea how to accomplish that. It's not covered in
    > the T232 documentations and, as you can see, all the pins
    > are used for other functions. Perhaps it's a feature of the
    > C-128 MMU?
    No, it's an extra output on the address decoder chip (LS139 probably) that
    decodes $d400 (SID) and $d600 (VDC). I think $d500 is not used, because the
    MMU decodes itself internally, and $d700 can be used for external stuff, if
    you run a wire from the correct pin to the T232 cartridge. It looks like pin
    6 from above chart would be the correct choice :-) 
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