RE: Logic analyzer (Was: 6510 in FPGA works!!)

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2002-04-17 10:49:22

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    > I have at home a design published in a german magazine called E'T (I think,
    > I can't read german, but that's what I make it out to be).
    Ah, well, we use the very same alphabet, you know :)
    I suppose you are talking about "Digitale Logik sichtbar gemacht -
    Logikanalyse mit dem C64" by Peter Düngel published in c't 4/85 on
    page 69?
    There's a second interesting one about building a DSO around the C64
    (C64-Speicher-Oszilloskop - Der Rechner als Meßgerät" by Peter Düngel, c't
    1/85, page 70) for those who have a big c't archive.
    Also the hardware special issue #13 of the German 64'er magazine had some
    measuring equipment stuff in.
    > If interested, I could scan or photocopy for you.
    I'd be interested in a scan, too.
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