RE: Logic analyzer (Was: 6510 in FPGA works!!)
Date: 2002-04-17 05:19:28

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    >>>>> "rb" == ruud baltissen <> writes:
    rb> FYI, the cable bundle is the connection to the analyser.
    >Speaking of which, does anyone have any schematics for a simple logic
    I have at home a design published in a german magazine called E'T (I think,
    I can't read german, but that's what I make it out to be). It connects to
    the expansion port of a C64 and uses SRAM as a buffer for the sample
    capture. It goes up to 10MHz and can log I think 16samples with external
    triggers, compares etc. Design /implementation looks very thorough! The only
    reservation I'd have is that if built without the appropriate PCB it may
    have noise problems. All parts should be relatively available to a C64 fan
    (uses two 6520s, a few 74193s etc).
    If interested, I could scan or photocopy for you.
    - Nick
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