cbmlink beta testers for FreeBSD and *DOS wanted

From: Marko Mäkelä (marko.makela_at_hut.fi)
Date: 2002-04-16 22:20:53

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    I'm about to release cbmlink 0.9.5 soon.  It'll support the C2N232 on 
    the Amiga, and I'd like to fully support FreeBSD and MS-DOS as well. 
    (GNU/Linux, MS-Win32 and Mac OS X are already supported.)
    I'd like to have some beta testers who could confirm whether the 
    parallel cables (PC64, native prlink, Frank Kontros' cable) work on 
    FreeBSD (both via the parallel port device and via direct I/O access) 
    and MS-DOS derivatives (PC-DOS, FreeDOS).
    I solved some problems there were with the MS-DOS version of cbmlink. 
    The compiler I'm using doesn't know about the #elif preprocessor 
    directive, it's line counter is buggy, and its assembler requires 
    immediate operations to be flagged explicitly, and its linker prefers to 
    crash instead of complaining about undefined symbols.  But it's free and 
    open source. :-)
    Luckily I now have a test environment (dosemu+FreeDOS on my Debian 
    GNU/Linux system), but I'd like to know if the program works on other 
    versions of DOS.  In particular, I'd like to see if the ctrl-break flag 
    (bit 7 at 40:71) works everywhere.  (Yes, you can interrupt transfers 
    also on DOS!)
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