Re: Dead PET 2001 with 6550´er

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2002-04-16 21:40:49

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    --- Nicolas Welte <> wrote:
    > wrote:
    > > FYI, I face the same problem. But I have the advantage of a second working
    > > PET :)
    > The same here :-)
    > I'm going to make a replacement RAM/ROM card that plugs into the 6502 socket
    > of the original PET, and then all the ROMs and RAMs can be put in a safe
    > place. As a nice side effect, it will offer the full 32kB RAM, maybe
    > switchable to 4k, 8k and 16k configurations, as well as switchable ROM
    > versions.
    Cool.  I look forward to it.
    > Is there any use for an option ROM socket for a combined 16 or 32kB option
    > EPROM?
    It depends.  Personally, when I was using a PET every day, I depended on
    three option ROMs - PET Rabbit (tape accelerator), one of the many enhanced
    Machine Language Monitors (for line-at-a-time assembly/disassembly) and
    the Palo-Alto ICs (PAICS) BASIC Toolkit.  I really did go out and *buy*
    firmware for my BASIC 2.0 PET.  Still got the chips and the manuals and
    For a modern replacement RAM/ROM board, since I can burn my own EPROMs, I
    would be satisfied with being able to glom together the various firmware
    bits into a custom 32KB image for my own uses.
    So... it might be nice for convenience sake, but probably not worth the
    extra expense for a second ROM socket.  A software tool to build 32KB
    images might be nice.  Unix 'cat' works, providing you don't have to
    relocate any of the optional software (Remember doing that?  What a pain). 
    In short: if you added it, I would use it.  I can also find work-arounds.
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